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McCalls 7723 and 7726: Black, White, and Red

Hi everyone! Happy Thursday! Today I am coming to you guys with M7723 and M7726. I have been drooling over both of these patterns since McCalls came out with their early spring catalog. As soon as I received my fabric, I got to work. For both patterns, I did not have to make any changes.… Continue reading McCalls 7723 and 7726: Black, White, and Red

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Simplicity 8354: Drawstrings Pants

Hello everyone!! I hope all is well with you. I love sewing things for me, but I really enjoy sewing for my kids even more. They take so much joy in wearing my handmade clothing, and it in turn warns my heart and motivates me.  This week I finally decided to make some drawstring pants… Continue reading Simplicity 8354: Drawstrings Pants

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M7547: unusual fabrics make Epic Flares!!

Hey everyone. I hope you are getting ready to enjoy your weekend. Me, my husband, our kids, and my dad are heading to Florida to see my sister's 🤗🤗. As I was packing, I looked in my closet and realized that all of my jeans looked the same, just different shades. I had to fix… Continue reading M7547: unusual fabrics make Epic Flares!!