Spring Casual with Knits and Crepe

Hi everyone! It is officially spring, and as I look into my backyard and see the trees and flowers blossoming, my spirit is lifted. This has not been a normal spring for many of us, but I am a true believer in making the best out of every situation. Since I had all of this free time on my hand, I decided to work on my spring wardrobe, I wanted to build my wardrobe with fun prints and bright solids, and joining the Style Maker Fabrics  Spring Blog Tour was just what I needed to put a spring in my step ( do you see what I did there? Lol).

pink chic clothing collage social media graphics

Fabric Used: For my top I used the Bamboo Jersey Knit  in the color citron. It does come in a variety of colors and has a 100% stretch. The width of this fabric is 60″ and it drapes well and feels so soft against the skin. For my pants, I used the Rayon Crepe in the color aqua-olive. I has very little stretch. it is 54″ in width. This fabric has a lot of drape, and it too feels soft against the skin, ( can you tell that I love fabric that feels good against the skin?).

Pattern Used: I used McCalls 7691 for my top and Simplicity 8841 for my pants. The McCalls pattern is actually a yoke top and pants pattern. It is one of my tried and true patterns. the top comes in three views, one with the ruffles, one without the ruffles, and one with long sleeves. The Simplicity pants pattern is a pull-on pants which features a wide- or slim-leg design with optional tie belt and cargo pockets. Both wide- and slim-leg pants are available in two lengths.

Size Cut: I cut a size 12 for the top and a size 14 for the pants. My bust is a 36′, my waist is 30″, and my hip measurement is 38″

Modification: The only modification that I made was to the top. The pattern was created for a loose fitting top, however, I wanted the ruffle details of the pattern, but I wanted the top to be more fitted. The video below will show you step by step how I modified my top.



Pattern Review

I absolutely love both patterns. I have used the McCalls pattern quite a bit, and I have created four pants out of the simplicity pattern. Both patterns are easy. There are no advanced details in either patterns. As long as you know how to make a straight stitch you can create both patterns easily. However, to make the modification that I did to my top, if you follow the steps in the above video, you will be able to modify on your own.

Thank you Style Maker Fabrics for the privilege of being a part of your Spring Blog Tour. I really enjoyed creating with your beautiful fabrics. Thank you everyone for reading.


Sunshine Yellow: McCalls 8043 & 8044

Hi everyone! I hope all is well with you. With this “social distancing” keeping everyone in, I have been sewing quite a bit. Within the last two weeks, I have made two new garments to add to my spring wardrobe, in a color that will truly brighten up your day.

When McCalls came out with their pre-spring patterns and I saw these two, I knew right away that I wanted to make them. After picking up my patterns, I headed into the fabric section of Jo-Anns to find the perfect fabric. Once I saw this Casa Collection Solid Crepe Back Satin Fabric In yellow, I knew that it was perfect for both patterns.

For the top, I adjusted the sleeves by removing 2.5 inches from the length. I also took two inches from the length of the neckband so it will sit comfortably on my short neck.

For the skirt, I removed about three inches from the length of the skirt, but I left the ruffled area as is. I also used snaps instead of buttons. I found these Dritz gold snaps at Jo-Anns as well. I really enjoyed creating these two pieces, and I am adding McCalls 8044 to my list of TNT patterns.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog. I really appreciate it. Continue scrolling below to see how I styled my new makes, and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog so that you get alerts when I post new content.

I found my yellow floral bag at Burlington’s and thought It would be a nice print to pair with this monochromatic look, along with my favorite heel sandals by Jessica Simpson.
I love that I can dress the top up and also wear it with jeans and it still looks chic.
I love how yellow and green look together, so I paired the skirt with a green Polo shirt.

Red Leopard: McCalls 7912

Hi everyone!! I hope that all is well with you. Today I am coming to you with a bold print and a cozy jacket. It is McCalls 7912 and this pattern is fabulous and so easy to make.

Atlanta weather has been so back and forth this year. Weather here is quite menopausal, but this year it was really bad. It was hot, then the next week it snowed, and this week it feels like spring even though it is still technically winter.

To keep us with the constant change in weather, I knew that I needed to add more lightweight jackets to my wardrobe. I found a gorgeous leopard print fabric last fall at my local fabric warehouse, Fine Fabrics, but time got away from me, and it took a year for me to finally use it. However, I must say that it was worth the wait, because it was meant for M7912. The fabric is a flat fur, which I love, because it means less of a cleanup, and the joy of not having fur pieces getting in my nose (taking a sigh of relief). I also love the mix of black throughout the background of the fabric, it’s has a hombre affect.

I did not alter the pattern too much. I just took about 2 1/2 inches from the length of the pattern. I cut between a size 12 and 14 so that the fit would be just right for my shape and size.

you know you have a winning me made garment when the inside looks just as good as the outside. I created bias tape using the leftover pieces of the fabric. There is also quite a bit of slipstitching involved, so prepare your self if that is not your strong suit. Sewing this jacket was so fun and empowering, because when I was done, I was able to say, “I made it.” Overall, I would give this pattern a solid 9, and I would definitely use it again. Please continue scrolling to see more photos of this amazing jacket.

I styled the jacket with my favorite DIY faux leather pants, and a black RTW turtleneck shirt. I also paired it with my favorite booties that I purchased from Payless before they closed all of their stores. Thank you so much for reading my blog. I really appreciate it. If you have any comments, please put it below. Also, let me know if you have or are planning on sewing this pattern. If you decide to make it and share on Instagram, do tag me. I would love to see your version of this pattern. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for alerts on more wonderful creations coming your way. Have a blessed day everyone.

“Your opinion of yourself will determine if you are your best or worst critic.”

All I Want for Christmas: McCalls 7518

Hi everyone!! I hope all is well with you. I love Christmas, like many, it is my  favorite holiday. I love the festive decorations, the smell of fresh baked goods with the scent of apples and cinnamon in the air, and I love how cheerful many people seem to be this time of year. I also love our Christmas family traditions. One of our tradition that I treasure the most is sewing pajamas for my whole family so that we can wear it on Christmas Eve. We make it a family affair. My husband and kids pick the fabric (this year they wanted “The Grinch), help me cut out the pattern pieces, and I did the sewing. I must say that I love their fabric choice, as The Grinch is one of my all time favorite movies. I found this fleece character fabric at Jo-Anns, and I used a contrasting solid fleece that I purchased at Hobby Lobby. I love the contrasting sleeves, cuffs, etc, it breaks up the print a little bit.

McCall 7518

This year after browsing through Simplicity and Mccalls pajama patterns online, I had a difficult time choosing one pattern, because they are all so good, and there is such a great variety to choose from. However, one pattern stole my heart, and it was because one of the views was pajamas for my doggy baby, McCalls 7518. I was so excited, because my doggy is family, and of course she has to be included in the family pajamas tradition.

Pattern and Adjustments

This pattern was pretty easy to make. I did have to make a few adjustments though.

Adjustments made to the patterns

My husband is a size 3X, and the adult size only goes up to XL. I added 4 inches in width to the back and front pattern. I also widened the sleeves by about three inches. For my son, I only added about two inches in width to the kid’s version because he is not quite in the adult size pattern sizes yet, but he is too big for the kids sizes. I also added about two inches to the length of the sleeves and pants.

I used the adult size for my daughter, but I cut a small and took three inches from the length of the sleeves and pants. I did not make any adjustments to mine, I cut a medium for me. For my doggy baby, I cut a small, and had to take away inches all around, because she is a chihuahua. Isn’t she the cutest you guys?

Overall, I must say that this pattern is awesome, however, if this is not the pattern you want, you can head on over to the McCall pattern company website or your nearest Jo-Anns.

There is a challenge going on through Instagram by way of Mac of Sew Altered Style . It’s called the “sew family jammies” challenge. If you all follow me on Instagram, you know this challenge is right up my alley, because this allows me to sew and do something for my family. I hope you guys join in.

Other Pajamas that I have made for my family for the last two years. Top photo: s8520 for my daughter and myself, and #s8519 for my husband and my son. I also made a bulldogs bandana for our little dog baby.
Bottom photo: My daughter’s PJ:
@mccallpatterncompany @simplicity_creative_group #s8803

My pj pants: #s8803
—— my sweater: #s8738

My husband and son’s jammies: #s8519
All fabric from Jo-Anns

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog. Please comment below and let me know if you are planning to make pajamas this year. Also, don’t forget to make sure you subscribe to my so that you will get alerts every time that I post new content.

The Erica Dress

Hi everyone!! I am back again with another sewing project that I just had to share. It is the Erica Dress, a collaborative pattern by the amazing Erica Bunker and Eryn of Style Sew Me.

First let me start with sizing and fit. Often times with patterns, you can not choose your size based on the envelope, it’s usually not correct to size (I speak more on this in this YouTube video. However, I cut this pattern based on the size suggestions that was based on my measurements, and I was so pleased that the fit was perfect. The only alteration that I had to make was to shorten the length of the dress. I am 5’3″ so I often have to cut atleast 3 inches, unless it is a petite pattern.

Next, let’s talk about the pattern instructions. If you are a beginner, the instructions are very easy to follow. There is even suggestions of notions to use to create a more well made garment that will stand the test of time. This means a lot because nowadays, pattern companies assume that you already know certain techniques, and no longer give tips nor suggestions on to help build your skills as a sewer. I was speaking to a sewist friend a while back, and we were discussing how pattern companies used to put more information on their pattern instructions. This pattern surely did that, which is so refreshing.

I have had this beautiful floral stretch panne velour fabric from Jo-Anns (could not find it online to give you a direct link) since before this pattern came out, however, once I saw this pattern, I knew it and this velvet were a match made in heaven. The colors in this fabric really put me in a good mood, not to mention, the velvety feel of the fabric made me want to sleep in the dress.

By the way, did I mention the the split on each side of the dress, and the opening in the back? ❤❤ I will definitely be making this dress over and over again. I will even hack it during the warmer months, to make it a useful pattern in any season.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog you guys. I am so thankful that I can build my own wardrobe while sharing my journey with you all. Happy Thanksgiving you all. I hope that you enjoy it to the fullest, however you celebrate.

Breaking Plaid: Plaid and Yellow Unite.

Hi everyone!! I hope all is well with you. Today I am coming to you with pops of color that is sure to please your eyes and make you smile (I feel like I just wrote the opening to “The Greatest Showman”). I love when I create something that wakes up my senses, in this case, it’s vision and touch. When I saw this sportswear acrylic plaid fabric from Jo-Anns I fell in love at first sight. It is soft, warm (perfect for fall and/or winter weather), and beautiful. I knew that though it would make a great cape or some sort of jacket, I wanted to make a skirt. I searched through my pattern stash hoping to find the perfect skirt pattern to compliment this beautiful fabric, and I did. I found New Look 6456, which is a favorite pattern of mine. It is such an easy make you guys, it literally takes me about 45 minutes to make it, and that includes cutting time. However, if I use a plaid or any type of fabric that I will have to match up, it does take me longer to cut, which increases the expected time.

Don’t you just love when everything lines up?

Is That a Top?

Once I created my skirt, I knew that I needed a vibrant top to wear with it. I found this beautiful Ember Diamond Textured Knit Fabric at Jo-Anns, and I loved it, because I knew that the yellow would pull out the yellow undertones of the plaid skirt. I looked through my stash and found Burda 6838, which is not what I would call a beginner pattern. The wrapped neckline can be a bit confusing for someone who is not very familiar with certain sewing techniques and terms.

I was initially going to just create a top from the pattern, however, I decided to turn it into……………… A DRESS!! Yes, I created a dress that can double as a top under a wrap or maxi skirt. I wanted something versatile, so that is what I created. I extended the length an additional 6 inches from the view A line. I also took it in at the waist and hip area about 1 inch to get a better fit. All in all, I am happy with the adjustments that I made. I used the pattern as a foundation to customize the garment to my style.

I feel so accomplished. This project has given me two garments, one of which can be worn in two different ways. That is what I call smart sewing.

I feel so blessed to have this skill. When my husband and I were struggling earlier on in our marriage when the recession hit, and companies started laying of employees, I was able to use this skill to not only cloth my children, I was also able to use it to bring extra income into the household. I will forever thank God for the gift of sewing, it has brought me through in many ways. What is your favorite part of sewing? How has is helped you? Go ahead and comment below. Don’t forget to click the follow button so that you can get alerts to when I post new content.

Thank you again for taking the time to read my blog, I truly appreciate it.

Animal Attraction: Refashioned Top

Hi Everyone!! I hope all is well with you. Today I am coming to you with a refashion that made me love something that I did not initially like. Have you guys ever been given clothing as a gift that was not necessarily ugly, but it was just not your style?

Leopard dress given to me by a friend a few years ago.

The dress in the above photo is very cute, but it is just not my taste. I honestly have not been a fan of animal print until recently, therefore when my friend gave the dress to me, it just hung in my closet, as I did not want to tell her that I did not like it. Well, as I recently looked through my closet for something to wear to dinner with friends, I came upon this dress that I had forgotten about for so long. I tried it on, and was just not comfortable in the dress, so I decided to refashion it into a cute peplum top.

First, I cut the dress into two pieces at about half and inch below the waistline
Next, I cut the skirt portion in two equal halves
I then cut each piece of the skirt at the sides, and stitch them together to make on whole piece.
I then gather the skirt piece to fit the top of the dress.
I attach both pieces back together, and bam!!, you have a new cute peplum top.

Refashioning has made me look at some of the clothing in my closet with fresh eyes. I absolutely love my new top, and plan on wearing it quite a bit. It’s comfortable, cute, and fun to wear. I plan on going through my closet and taking some other stuff and making them new again. If you have some clothing or sentimental items that you are still holding onto, why don’t you look at them with fresh eyes, and see what you can make of them. you may love it even more when you are done.

Thank you guy for taking the time to read my blog, I hope it inspires you to look at your closet differently. Please make sure to subscribe to my blog so that you are always in the know on new posts. Have a wonderful and blessed day.

Forgiveness: 36 Years Worth

Happy Birthday to me!! I am so blessed to celebrate another year of life. As I celebrate my 37th year on this earth, I can’t help but look back on my first 36 years. My gift to myself is, RELEASE. I don’t often open up about my childhood, I especially never thought I would blog about it, because it was very painful. However, I have learned that in order to grow, you must look back, forgive, let go, and move forward.

I thought that I had let go of what happened to me a long time ago. I realized that I didn’t, because I had not forgiven those who did it to me. I don’t want to carry these pains anymore. Well, in my 36th year on this earth, I finally forgave the ones who robbed me of my childhood innocence.

I forgive the stranger who thought that a seven year old girl was a great target, and tried to rape her on her way home. I forgive my Godmother’s adult daughter for abusing me out of jealousy and putting scars on me that will make it hard to forget, because she could not stand how much her mom could love a little girl whom was not her own. I forgive my godmother’s husband who found it appropriate to sneak into the bed of a child and molest her. I forgive all the adults who knew what was happening, but did nothing but look at me with shame. I forgive the son of my mom’s best friend who tried to rape a 13 year old girl, whom had already been through so much already.

Most of all, I forgive my mom for never letting go of her abusive past, and taking it out on me, because I was born from rape, and looking at me was a constant reminder of that. I know that you love me mom, but the pain was so deep, that you couldn’t forget it. I know that pain, because I went through it too. I am sorry for the reminder that I was of that painful day in your life, when the man you trusted, broke that trust in the worst way. I am so glad that in my 36th year, we both found peace, and finally forged the relationship with each other, that we both deserve.

I know that some may think that this is dark for a birthday post, but this is my truth, and I wanted to RELEASE it all before I celebrated another year. Also, my spiritual counselor has told me for years that sharing my story may be a blessing to someone else who may be living their truth in silence as well.

So to all who know the truth, let’s celebrate letting go.

I am so thankful for the good childhood memories that has allowed me to remember that though we may go through times of struggles, there are reasons to smile and be grateful.

I am grateful for my sisters who gave me their blessings and pushed me to release, when I told them what I was going to write about. I am thankful to my dad, who stepped in and loved me as his own. He showed me the qualities of a great man and father. I am thankful for my husband and kids whom are a constant reminder of God’s love for me, and a reminder of what true unconditional love looks and feels like. I am so thankful for this gift of sewing that God has blessed me with, that has given me a place of peace to go to and Express myself creatively. I am thankful that this past year I was able to meet some wonderful people in the sewing community whom has strengthened my hope and belief in human goodness.

Me at 8 years old
My 9th birthday
My sisters and I Christmas 1991
My skinny self at the beach (9 years old)
I thought I was so fashionable as a teen 😂😂
I was always following my sister Simone around, she never knew it then, but I looked up to her. She was my hero.
My high school graduation
My beautiful and stylish mom in the 80s
Me at my senior prom
I was 19 in this photo
I was 21 in this pic
Me and my military battles
My mentor and my best friend
The love of my life on our wedding day.
The man who may not be my bio dad, but he stepped up and was the father I needed in my life. I will always be grateful to you Dad. I love you.
I love you mom. You sacrificed so much for us, and you loved us the best way you knew how.
Me and my daughter. My first born.
Me and my son, my little superhero.
I made it through so that I could be what I needed to be for them.

The few times I have shared me story, people always ask me the same question. “How did you make it through all of that. How do you smile so much after all you’ve been through.?” My answer is always the same. “God helped me through by placing the right people around me in the right season, and I am a strong willed individual, who will never let circumstances keep me from the life I desired.”

Today is my birthday you guys, and I am moving forward, and believing that my best life is ahead of me. This dress that I created for myself means a lot, because I created it with love, hard work, and determination. I chose blue not because it’s my favorite color, but also because it is known to be a peaceful and tranquil color. I am at peace in my life. My past will never be forgotten, but it has been forgiven.

I am a true virgo.
Thank you Lord for another year
These hands have created so much goodness, they should never be used to tear down nor destroy.
Happy Birthday lady!! Live, love, and laugh. You deserve it.
Turning my back on the past, my future is now my only concern

Thank you guys for sharing in this moment with me by reading my blog post. It was most personal and most difficult post, but I am so glad that I wrote it. I don’t know who you are, but someone was supposed to read it today. I pray it helps you in the way you need it most.

One Shirt Three Looks: The shirt that goes with everything.

Hi everyone! I hope all is well with you. Today I am coming to you with a top that has truly helped me create some wonderful looks. What I love most is that this top can be worn casually and dressy.

I found a beautiful laser cut ponte knit fabric at my local Atlanta fabric warehouse, Fine Fabrics. I am so glad that I bought quite a bit of the fabric, because I wanted to make more than one garment out of it.

I love the laser cut detail.

I used my favorite hackable pattern to create the top, McCalls 6886. I cut it about three inches below the waistline mark on the pattern paper. For the sleeve and hem, I stitched the solid border of the fabric to the end of the sleeve and the hem of the top. Next was deciding what I wanted to create to wear with this versatile top.

I found a very pretty gingham fabric at Jo-Anns, and I knew right away that I wanted to make pants using my favorite jeans pattern, the Ash jeans from Megan Nielsen. I am a stickler for matching stripes, so I cut each piece one by one, and slowly.

Next I created white pants from the laser cut ponte knit fabric using my favorite pants pattern of the summer, Simplicity 8841. These pants were so very easy to make, I added lining of course, I don’t need anyone seeing my private locations 😂😂.

The final look is my most favorite. I absolutely love my skirt, and the blast of color that it gave to my top. I used Simplicity 1369 to create my skirt. The only modification I made was by adding about 6 inches to the width of the skirt, and about 18 inches to the length.

I had so much fun creating these looks for my upcoming birthday, and I will be wearing them until the Atlanta weather tells me it’s too cold, and maybe then I’ll just add a coat and still strut 😂😂.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog. I hope that I have inspired you to create something beautiful.

Pattern Mashup: Simplicity 8841 & Mccalls 7955

Hello everyone!! I hope all is well with you. Often times when we look at patterns, we see the photos on the envelope and set out to recreate it. How many of you look at the patterns for what it could be, and how many ways we can use that pattern to create your version of a look? For me, I often look at patterns as a foundation, a starting point to get me to the design that I have pictured in my mind, or was inspired by.

Two wonderful ladies in the sewing community on Instagram created a challenge called the #sewcialmashup challenge, and it was right up my alley you guys. I found a gorgeous cotton crepe fabric at my local fabric warehouse, Fine Fabrics here in Atlanta, so I decided to use it to create a jumpsuit by using my favorite pants pattern, Simplicity 8841 and for the bodice, I used McCalls 7955.

I cut the bodice at the waistline, which is marked on the pattern, omitted the drawstring on the side of the bodice and added an invisible zipper. For the pants, I made no alterations, I just omitted the waistband. After sewing each piece separately according to the pattern instructions, I attached both pieces together.

This was such a fun project and I absolutely love the outcome. I don’t know about you guys, but I always feel so beautiful and glamorous wearing beautiful clothes, especially when it is made by me.

Thank you guys for taking the time to read my blog. I hope it inspired you to create something beautiful of your own.