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Good News: Changing your focus can change your perspective. 

‚ÄčToday I want to share my good news. I woke up this morning to my husband and two children. I was able to prepare them for their day and send them off with a good breakfast. Before they left, their last words to me was, "I love you." I am a seamstress, and not only… Continue reading Good News: Changing your focus can change your perspective.¬†

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The Anniversary & The Dress

Hello everyone. I hope that all is well with you. As I was making my dress for mine and my husband's anniversary date,  our song came on, and it got me thinking about marriage and the ideas behind it, as well as how to sustain it. As many walk down the aisle to say I… Continue reading The Anniversary & The Dress

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It’s Been a Long Time, Let’s Catch Up.

Hello everyone. It has been such a long time since I have been on here. Life has been very busy the last 6 months. I started working again and the kids were both in sports, my daughter cheered and my son played football, and that took up all of our time.I am very understanding to… Continue reading It’s Been a Long Time, Let’s Catch Up.

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Fireworks in the Sky

Hello everyone. To all of those who call America home, Happy Independence day!! One of the things that I do every holiday, is create a themed look for my kids, and today is no exception. Often times you would see items that I make for my daughter, but my son told me that he wants… Continue reading Fireworks in the Sky

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New York State of Mind (part 1)

Hello everyone! I hope all is well with you. I am heading home after spending a week with family in New York. I must admit that though I love living in Atlanta, I will miss this place. There's just something about New York that makes you feel confident and sure of yourself. The people there… Continue reading New York State of Mind (part 1)