Spring Casual with Knits and Crepe

Hi everyone! It is officially spring, and as I look into my backyard and see the trees and flowers blossoming, my spirit is lifted. This has not been a normal spring for many of us, but I am a true believer in making the best out of every situation. Since I had all of this free time on my hand, I decided to work on my spring wardrobe, I wanted to build my wardrobe with fun prints and bright solids, and joining the Style Maker Fabrics  Spring Blog Tour was just what I needed to put a spring in my step ( do you see what I did there? Lol).

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Fabric Used: For my top I used the Bamboo Jersey Knit  in the color citron. It does come in a variety of colors and has a 100% stretch. The width of this fabric is 60″ and it drapes well and feels so soft against the skin. For my pants, I used the Rayon Crepe in the color aqua-olive. I has very little stretch. it is 54″ in width. This fabric has a lot of drape, and it too feels soft against the skin, ( can you tell that I love fabric that feels good against the skin?).

Pattern Used: I used McCalls 7691 for my top and Simplicity 8841 for my pants. The McCalls pattern is actually a yoke top and pants pattern. It is one of my tried and true patterns. the top comes in three views, one with the ruffles, one without the ruffles, and one with long sleeves. The Simplicity pants pattern is a pull-on pants which features a wide- or slim-leg design with optional tie belt and cargo pockets. Both wide- and slim-leg pants are available in two lengths.

Size Cut: I cut a size 12 for the top and a size 14 for the pants. My bust is a 36′, my waist is 30″, and my hip measurement is 38″

Modification: The only modification that I made was to the top. The pattern was created for a loose fitting top, however, I wanted the ruffle details of the pattern, but I wanted the top to be more fitted. The video below will show you step by step how I modified my top.



Pattern Review

I absolutely love both patterns. I have used the McCalls pattern quite a bit, and I have created four pants out of the simplicity pattern. Both patterns are easy. There are no advanced details in either patterns. As long as you know how to make a straight stitch you can create both patterns easily. However, to make the modification that I did to my top, if you follow the steps in the above video, you will be able to modify on your own.

Thank you Style Maker Fabrics for the privilege of being a part of your Spring Blog Tour. I really enjoyed creating with your beautiful fabrics. Thank you everyone for reading.


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