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Prints or Solids? Why not both?: The DIY That Saved My Pants

Hi everyone!! Happy Spring 🌷🌸🌹🌼🌺. Winter in Georgia seemed to be in denial that it is now Spring’s turn to take over, because these tenpreatures have been menopausal. Today officially felt like spring and I brought in bright colors for the occasion.

I have these really nice stretch blue denim pants that I purchased from Macy’s during my trip to New York about two years ago. My favorite color is blue and it fit so well.

Well, one day my husband got bleach on the leg of my pants 😲😲😫😫 and I think for a moment I froze and couldn’t move nor breathe.

I stared at the pant for a good whie in disbelief. I wanted to cry so bad. Nothing I did could salvage it. I couldn’t even find the right blue to dye it back. I was not willing to turn them into shorts because of the fit, and I was definitely not going to throw them away. What was I to do?

Hah hah! 🤔💭 I know! I’m going to do a DIY to save my pants. I gathered some African print fabric from my stash that I knew would compliment the blue in the pant.

First I measured the circumference of the area where my pant ended, just above my knees. Next I measured how long I wanted the pants to be from the top of my knees to where the fabric should end (don’t forget seam allowance).

I took the circumference of my knee area and doubled it since I am going to gather that part of the pants to give it that bell bottom effect. I hemmed the pant about 1/2 an inch and the I stitched the two pieces of fabric together at one side seam. I gave the lower fabric two side seams so that it will match the way the seams are done on the denim.

Next I used my server (you can do it however you’d like to) to gather each stitched fabric so that the lower half of the pant will have the bell bottom look.

Finally, I stitched the side seam of each bell bottom pant leg to close it up and attach it to your upper leg of your pants (my pants were stretch, so I stretched as I stitched the top and bottom of the pants together.

Now you are finished and it’s time to put on your newly designed pant and strut your stuff.

I created the t-shirt portion of this top by using Simplicity 8177 by Mimi G. I created the ruffled peplum add on by using a tutorial by Tabitha Sewer. The tutorial is on her Instagram page.

Have you guys ever made something that is no where close to what you would ever wear? Well, for me these pants are it. Here in GA, especially in the subhurbs of ATL the moms around me love these types of boutique pants. They even do mommy and me with their daughters. Personally, these are not my style, but isn’t that what stepping out of the box is about? Wearing, making, or doing something you’d never usually do? I stepped out of the box with these pants, wore it with confidence, and even got lots of compliments on them. Let’s take a chance and step out of our box more often, you may be surprised to find you like it out there.

I created this top by using Simplicity 8177.

Thank you guys for taking the time to read my blog, it is very much appreciated.

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