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The Love Jammies

Hello everyone, I hope all is well with you. My children’s school was having pajama day this week, as well as staying an hour late to watch the eclipse together as a school. Well, my daughter had been begging me all weekend to buy her new pajamas to wear to school to watch the eclipse, however, I told her that I did not think it was necessary to spend extra money on pajamas right now, especially, with all of the money we have had to spend on school clothes, shoes, and supplies for her and her brother. Not to mention, we had to pay her brother’s football dues and for her to cheer this year. We are blessed, but we are not rich.

She handled the rejection with such understanding and grace, that I felt that she deserved those pajamas after all. She woke up the next morning when I woke her up, looked at the foot of her bed, jumped on me, and gave me the biggest hug with tears in her eyes because laying on her bed were brand new jammies that I made for her while she was sleeping. She said, “mommy did you stay up to make this? You didn’t have to do that, I was okay with wearing regular clothes or old pajamas.” I told her, “I know baby, and that’s why I didn’t mind staying up to make it for you, because of how you behaved so humbled and respectful when I told you no about buying new ones. To me it was a pajama, but to her, it was a symbol of my love for her.

As parents, we do not always do things for our children because we have to, we do everything because it brings us joy to make them happy. We also do not say no to things because we want to, but because we have to in order to teach them that they will not always get what they want, but if they remain humbled and grateful regardless, the rewards are often better.

Pattern used: I used M7463

Fabric Used: I used a cotton knit fabric that I purchased on my trip to New York.

Modifications Made: The only modification that I made was to shorten the sleeve.

Was this an easy pattern to sew?: Yes, it was very easy and quick to see. I did most if the sewing on the serger.

Would you use this pattern again?: I will definitely use this pattern again. It is probably a pant, skirt, and top pattern, it was not a sleepwear pattern. I can make other great thing with this pattern.

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