January 23, 2017


This Jacket is the Bomber!!

Hello everyone!! Today I am going to discuss my new bomber jacket. I started sewing my jacket in November, but I was so busy with work that it seemed like I would never complete it. You see, I had the kind of job where you clock out, but you are still working when you get home. Not to mention, being mom and wife is also a never ending job (a job that I will never take for granted).

Pattern and fabric used: I purchased a beautiful Metallic gold/blue/olive abstract brocade fabric from Mood Fabric and used McCalls 7100 pattern, view A.

Ups and downs of the sewing process: Making this jacket was pretty easy, but I had never worked with brocade before and was unaware of how much it frayed. At one point I wondered if I’d have any fabric left (note to self, “please research fabric before purchase and use”). Once I figured out the fabric, the rest of the sewing process went smooth.

I had a lot of ups and downs while sewing this jacket, but I am so proud of the outcome. Now that I am more familiar with working with brocade, I will definitely be using this fabric again to make more jackets and other clothing. M7100 has become one of my favorite patterns and I plan on using it over and over again.

Thank you guys for checking out my blog. Until next time, do it with love and love what you do.


2 thoughts on “This Jacket is the Bomber!!

  1. OMG that is fabulous!

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