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Love Our Neighbor

Hello everyone. I hope all is well with you. I have been on an emotional roller coaster for the last two weeks. As many of you all know, America has been in a state of turmoil. Innocent men and women are being beaten and killed by men who use the badge to unlawfully harm citizens, and innocent police officers are being killed in retaliation. I am not here to bash police officers and I am not here to condone those who believe that the deaths of the innocent are justified. What I am here to do is remind you all that regardless of what is going on, we can’t turn against each other. Now more than ever before, we have to come together and rise up against the forces that are trying to create strife and separation by using our differences.

My true friends loved me and my family  beyond the color that they see when they look at us. However, not everyone looks through the same eyes that they have, and that’s when the hurt sets in, and that’s when problems begin. To live and raise my children in a world where only our character defines us, is unfortunately still a dream that Martin Luther King had, but like him I have hope that one day it will get better. Right now, I live in a world where my family and I have gone to look at homes and were ignored, but when a white couple came in, the sales people jumped out of their seats to help them as if we weren’t sitting there waiting. I live in a world where a white mom saw her kids playing with mine at the park and moved them to the other side of the park. I live in a world where my heart beats fast at the thought of my loved ones and/or I being pulled over by the wrong type of police officer. However, I have never allowed that to affect my mind in such a way that I in some way become racist myself; because I know that I also live in a world where my children have friends of all colors and background that just see them as Victor and Jaime. My husband and I have white and black friends who give great hugs, share tables, break bread, and have been there for us and prayed for us in tough situations. Friends whom have blessed us, and  who truly mean it when they say color doesn’t matter. My church, is an example of the world that I wish we lived it. It is a place filled with people from every nation who come together for one great purpose, to serve God. I have never known such kind hearts and such welcoming spirits than I have since I have been a member at that church. That is the world that my husband and I will raise our children to believe in. We will educate them as they grow so that they won’t be naive, but in  a way where their heart to love goes beyond the exterior. What is happening is a tragedy, but what we cannot let it do is divide us, because we are all God’s people and the devil is using tools and getting into the minds of man to keep us from our greater purpose. I ask my everyone to be sympathetic to your black, brown, white, and tanned friends, and continue to be a shoulder. Understand their pain, do not turn against them for it. Continue to be a reminder of the good things in this world, because for every bad thing that happens, there is so much more good that we don’t see. I pray for the lives lost senselessly and for the blue lives whom are on the line while doing their jobs.

Today three Baton Rouge, LA officers were killed senselessly because people let anger and hate push them to the point of no return. I mourn for them and their families. For those who feel that this act of violence is warranted, I pray for your hearts just as I pray for the hearts of those who feel that the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille were justified. Today at church, my Pastor said, “Today, Pastor Jason Caine said, “the problems are plenty, but the solution is that God is calling us to love our neighbors. Love will be the thing that makes a difference. The only way the darkness of the world can be eclipsed is by the hope that is found by us loving our neighbors in a way that others can see Christ.” Today, I challenge myself and you all to do just that. Let’s be the light in the darkness.

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog, I hope that it has inspired you to be the change that you want to see in this world.

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