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Jaime’s New Do and Confidence

Hi everyone, I hope all is well with you. On my end things are good. I am feeling blessed, because doors are opening in places I did not expect. I have volunteered at my church in the children’s ministry for four years, and recently I was offered a permanent position as an assistant, and my husband was offered a job closer to home. In all the years we’ve been together, he’s never traveled less than an hour to work. The kids and I are so excited because we can get back to eating dinner as a family and he’s close enough for us to meet for lunch dates 😍 ❤(yes, I did put emojis there).

One of my other favorite hobby is trying new hairstyles in mine and my daughter’s hair. This week she requested a braid style and I obliged. I created L shaped braids on one side and two straight braids on the other side of her head. Lastly, her hairstyle was completed with a banana clip puff.

She absolutely loves her hairdo. She is only 8, and she has had a lot of questions over the years about why her hair looks one way and her friends do not. It is truly trying at times to raise a daughter, but my husband and I have made it a mission to raise her and her brother to love themselves and embrace themselves as they are. She has always gone to schools that are predominantly white, and due to that, she used to ask me why her hair was not as straight as theirs. We would tell her that she was beautifully made the way she was supposed to be and that we are all different with different hair types and that our hair does not define who we are, but rather it helps to identify us. I will say that she has the sweetest group of friends and they often compliment her on her hair and ask me to braid theirs too. We do not want her to be too focused on her outward appearance, but we want her to be confident in herself.

In a world where there are fake butts, breasts, noses, and anything else that can be stuffed and tucked; it is very important to teach ourselves and our children to love ourselves as we are. There are certain things about myself that I get tempted to want to change, but I remind myself that I was created beautiful and that is enough for me.

When I think of people who have given a bad example of what true beauty is, the Kardashians come to mind, with respect to Kendall and Kortney. I wonder if anything on them is organic or real anymore. My 6 year old son said that Kim Kardashian looked like a mannequin when he saw her on television one day. Don’t get me wrong, I think that it is a person’s right to do whatever they want to themselves if they believe it will make them happy, However, in my house, if I can’t fix what I consider flaws with makeup, exercise, and healthy habits, then it will just have to stay as is. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, have a blessed day.


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