Something to Think About

Often people continue to beg for validation from others, and that is why the world is in such peril. Black people are waiting around for whites to validate that being black is okay and whites are waiting around for blacks to validate that being white does not make you racist.
I don’t need anyone to validate that being black or a woman is okay; I also do not need anyone to validate whether I’m a good mother or not. For those who base their happiness on how people treat them, you are giving them too much control. “For he so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son,” is all the validation that I need.
All those who show hatred towards you have not truly felt true love themselves, because truly knowing Christ will not cause anger nor hatred. Rather than let their hatred and anger rub off on you, you should feel sorry and pray for them to grow closer to God, because that is the greatest love we will ever know.
You do not have the power to change the heart of man, but you do have the power to show them how they can change it. I have been treated unfairly by people on both sides of the fence, stared at in stores as if I was going to steal something and called some of the worst names, but I have also been shown kindness and love on both sides of the fence, and rather than focus on the few that have been unkind or hateful to me, I’d rather pray for them and focus on the positive. When you give hatred all of your time and energy, you leave no room for love to fit.

2 thoughts on “Something to Think About

  1. I too have been treated unfairly by both sides of the fance and also both sides have shown me unconditional love. You are who you won’t to be. God gave us the ability to make choices in our lives. I chose to love even if I am not being loved back, that is one of the hardest thing a person can ever do. Just like you said in the beginning I change the heart of man, but I can influence him to change by the way I live my own life.
    Continue to be blessed!, and thank you for sharing

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