Happy Birthday to Me!!

My birthday was on September 13th and I must say that my husband made this birthday one to remember. It started off as my weekdays during the school year usually starts off. I wake up early get the kids dressed for school and make breakfast for everyone before my husband gets them to the bus stop and goes to work. Since it was my birthday, I was really hoping that the hubby would take the day off so that we could spend it together. He has a job that can be very demanding at times, and he could not get the day off because he had meetings lined up (so I thought). As I was sitting on the sofa watching Columbo on the Hallmark channel and feeling sorry for myself, I heard a knock at the door. I walked to the door wondering who could be at my door this early in the morning, As I opened the door, my face lit up with joy as I saw my husband standing there with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. He said he wanted me think he was going to work so that he could surprise me (it worked, I was surprised). He ran down the list of things we were going to do that day and said I had an hour to get dressed. Considering how much I sew, I could not think of anything that I wanted to wear, so I decided to make a top in 30 minutes, and I came up with this little number.

DSC_0589 DSC_0591 DSC_0595

This top was made out of a stripe jersey knit fabric that I found at a fabric store in my area. I folded the fabric in half, measured the fabric to my desired length and width, then I hemmed the whole width and length of the fabric at 5/8 of an inch. Last but not least, I stitched the shape of the top so that the inside of the top would allow for a fitted look. I must say that for something that I made in about 25 to 30 minutes, I love this top.

Charles and faith

As I sat down to lunch with my husband at one of my favorite seafood restaurants, a feeling of love and contentment came over me. I may not be rich and I definitely do not have everything that I want, but I have everything that I need, and boy do I feel blessed to live the life that I do. I am married to a wonderful man whom is not only a great husband, but also my best friend and a wonderful father to two of the most amazing kids ever.

Victor and Jaime

To those who are reading this blog, I want to tell you to enjoy every bit of every day, because there is no promise of tomorrow. Life is not about what you have, it’s about who you have. I am blessed to see my 33rd year on this earth, and I do not plan on taking it for granted. Also, remember to live life to the fullest, but plan it out first.



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