Picture Day Floral Dress

Picture day was today and that means, at the request of my daughter, I had to make a new dress for her to wear. I did not mind though, because the dress only cost about $12 dollars to make, and buying it would have probably cost me double that price if not higher. I finished her dress by the time she got home from school and she was so ecstatic when she saw it. She said, “mommy thank you, you are the best,” and hearing those words from my children gives me the drive that I need to continue pushing myself to succeed on a professional level. Although, let me be clear, success is all in how you see it. I believe that I am very successful in life. I am not rich, and I am not the CEO of a fortune 500 company, but I am a wife and mother whom is always appreciated by the ones she loves, and that is the best and most successful feeling in the world to me.


First I used McCalls pattern M7079 to cut out the top portion of the dress, and then I measured the length and width of the skirt portion to make sure that I cut the right size.


Next I stitched the knit lining to the lace and then sewed the pieces together.


Once I sewed everything together, I sewed the top and bottoms together. I then sewed the seam allowance together to make a casing for the elastic.



My Jaime before school this morning.

I hope that you all enjoyed reading my blog, I truly enjoy sharing a little piece of me with you. As always, live life to the fullest, just plan it out first.

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