Sew Accomplished

I started a custom clothing business this year because many people were asking me about making clothes for them. Let me start by telling you that even though it has been short, it has been a journey thus far. I have learned that as the designer it is okay to voice my opinion and not be afraid of the customer’s reaction because It is my name and image that will suffer if I do not speak up, and often times your clients will want your feedback. To all those whom are thinking about entering the fashion business, I want you to know that there is a way to give your clients what they want and still portray your vision.
I had one of the most inspiring clients this week. She kept me motivated and continuously uplifted me, and to be honest there are times I really needed it. I am somewhat of a perfectionist and can be very hard on myself.
My client wanted a white dress for a white party that she was attending and I wanted her dress to be a show stopper. I used  simplicity pattern 1014 and modified it to make her a 3-way fitted dress.


We tried out some different options for dresses, but ultimately since the neck area of the dress was so dramatic I wanted to keep the rest of the dress simple. After some trial and error, I designed a beautiful dress that my client loved and left me feeling very accomplished. She loved her dress so much that it left me feeling like I was on cloud 9.image



Starting a business is very difficult, but moments like this when your hard work pays off is so rewarding. If you are starting a business just for the money, you will have a very hard road, because it takes a while for the money to get to where you want it. If you are doing it for the love of what you do, there is going to be great moments of accomplishments that money can’t buy; like seeing a customer come alive because of your product. I want to end this post by telling my readers to never give up; anything worth dreaming is worth having, and don’t forget, live life to the fullest, but try to plan it out first.

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