Spend or Sew

I wanted a dress to wear on my anniversary for a nice date with the hubby, I searched everywhere and then I went to a department store but could not find the right dress for me. I decided to see what I could find online and then I found this beauty.


I was so excited until I looked at the $98 price tag. It was out of my price range, considering that I am a middle class stay at home mother with two growing children. As I was looking at the dress with the sad face, my 7 year old daughter walks into the room and says, “Mommy you can make that dress yourself.” the next day I visited my local Joann’s Fabric and saw the most beautiful floral fabric and with some left over lace from another project and $45, I made this beautiful number.


I went a completely different way than the dress I saw online, because I let the fabric guide me; but I am so happy with it. I received rave reviews from my Facebook friends, and most importantly, the hubby. This dress was made from stretch floral cotton with floral lace in the back to give the dress a little wow factor. From that frustrated shopping experience I have now decided to ask myself, “should I spend or sew?”

2 thoughts on “Spend or Sew

  1. Nice dress. I do that all the time now. If it’s going to cost me more in fabric than to buy RTW, i’ll go with RTW, but if its less, then you know I’m sewing. With the way my taste is set up, sewing is always less expensive. Lol. Happy belated Anniversary.

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